Monday, January 31, 2022

13:44 Surrey : Ferruginous Duck, Thorpe Park drake still at Manor Lake; park in Thorpe village and view north from Monk's Walk (access at 51.4083, -0.5293) (13:17)

11:54 Somerset & Bristol : Eurasian Penduline Tit, Weston-super-Mare three still showing well in reedbed near pond at Weston Airfield; park carefully in layby at Laney's Drove and walk south-west along bund north of Cross Rhyne (access at 51.3366, -2.9303, wellingtons recommended), or alternatively park in Hutton village, walk north to end of Moor Lane, cross bridge and follow footpath east for 100m (drier route) (11:46)

[Focalpoint Optics] Flash Bird News - new submission

Bill just submitted your form: Flash Bird News
Message Details:
Contributor Name:: Bill
Species Seen:: Barn Owl
Sex:: Unknown
Date Seen:: 30-Jan-2022
Time Seen:: 3.50pm
Location seen:: Parkgate
Directions:: Lostock
Additional Information:: Test Post

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